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We bring the world to every kid’s home and classroom through virtual dynamic learning content that incorporates and enhances reading, social science, global citizenship, math, science, and writing skills by igniting curiosity, fostering passion for the globe and its people, and connecting humans around the world. 


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We are so glad you are here!

Are you a school looking to enhance global learning, writing, reading, critical analysis, research, and presentation skills in your students? Great! Click here to collaborate with Global Ex Education and learn more about our fully customizable learning packages and collaboration opportunities with our Founder Dr. Jenaya Perdue and our culture consultants. 

Start your scholar on their GlobalEx Journey today!

Benefits of GlobalEx Journey Courses


At GlobalEx Education, we endeavor to bring the world to every kid’s classroom and home. By joining our blended learning classrooms, your young global scholar will benefit immensely. 


  1. Guide your scholar on their path towards becoming a culturally competent global citizen even if you’re unsure how to teach geography, culture, and language. When you join GlobalEx Journey Online, you and your scholars begin an exploratory adventure to worlds near and far away. Each student will see how incredibly similar and unique we all are and will want to share all the wonderful things they ascertain about each place they visit virtually in our classes. 

  2. Your scholar’s imagination will be fostered and they will want to talk, write, and share about what they are learning through their weekly opportunities for dynamic self-guided inquiry and research.

  3. While your scholar builds their writing confidence through practice in expansive thinking and expressive writing opportunities, you’ll be able to be more present at home and at school due to your confidence in the growth opportunities to which your scholar now has access. You and our students will grow and improve writing skills with both fellow students and our teachers so that they can showcase their voice, mindset, opinions, and ideas on our learning platform and beyond.

Why Global Learning for Your Young Scholars

Here at GlobalEx Education, we are committed to introducing students to the world because hiring committees are looking for employees and leaders who are globally and culturally aware. Resumes and CVs are short-listed when human resources departments see foreign study and experience. This, according to many research articles, books, and university scholars, affects the hiring statistics as employing bodies are looking for abroad experiences to prove that a job candidate will share these transformational pathways and ideas. Until students are physically able to travel and explore abroad writ large, we must prepare them for what they will see, hear, and do. We at Global Ex Education can and do cultivate empathic, curious global citizens through meaningful, virtual learning experiences.


Second, and probably most importantly, our world is becoming smaller and tangibly more interconnected daily. We are inundated with news, data, new friends who look and speak differently than us, opinions, and complexities that we must address, learn about, understand, and maneuver everyday. In just looking at your clothing labels, produce in your grocery store, and who is moving in and out of your neighborhood or school district, you will see that the world “over there” is now “here” and we all—especially our young scholars—must have the skills to connect kindly, with advocacy, and strategically. It is absolutely impossible to accomplish this without knowledge about language, culture, people, and history of places near and far from our lived experience.

If you've ever thought...

  • I want to teach my kids about the world, but the world is overwhelmingly big and I don’t know where to start!

  • My students are creative, but when I tell them to write, all the wheels in their head stop turning and frustration takes over.

  • I don’t have the time or energy to create dynamic, engaging, and meaningful learning material for my young scholar, but I want them to be competent, compassionate, and confident writers and global citizens.


Join GlobalEx Journey—our virtual global learning and writing community for young scholars!

Why Join Global Ex Journey

At GlobalEx Education, we do the heavy lifting for you and deliver quality global education and writing instruction into the hands and minds of your scholar. Founder, Dr. Jenaya Perdue, equitably hires and collaborates with locals in their home countries to create high-quality, multilingual learning materials that introduce the world to kids and their caring adults.

Join GlobalEx Journey

If You Are a

Parent, Educator, Caring Adult, and/or Community Leader

Who Wants to...

  • Cultivate empathic, curious, and knowledgeable global citizens

  • Join fellow learners and educators as we learn, share, and celebrate our writing successes

  • Expand your scholar’s expressive writing abilities, imagination, and self-confidence while learning about places near and far from our homes

  • Show kids that through reading, independent study, and inquiry-based research, they can explore incredible places around the world

Our Global Learning Virtual Hub for your young scholar

The majority of us would love to hop on planes, explore the world, fill our passports with stamps from exotic places, but there are tons of barriers which keep us from pushing “Pay Now” on a plane ticket. While our scholars and children are still at home, we must instill in them global curiosity, empathy, and knowledge. 


The world is a BIG place! Where do you start? What do you teach first? What do you read? What do you do when you, the grown-up, don’t know? That’s where GlobalEx Education bridges the gap! We are your virtual hub for global education through expressive writing and self-directed inquiry at home, in your neighborhood, and in your classroom.


Join our classes and community! Check out our offerings!

GlobalEx Journeys Kids Club

Map of Paris

Our Journeys Kids Club is a dynamic place where students share what they learn with fellow learners. Our interactive app charts independent, inquiry-based study of world geography and culture.


  • Virtual learning community of fellow GlobalEx scholars

  • VIP access to twice-monthly GlobalEx Journey scholar presentations of countries and cultures around the world

  • Monthly student showcase and award celebration

  • Instructor monitoring of discussion boards, student engagement, and parent/student communication

  • Monthly Live chats with GlobalEx Founder, Dr. Jenaya Perdue (recorded and can be watched later)

  • Monthly GlobalEx Student Engagement and Growth Awards


Enroll today!

Global Ex(pressive) Writing Class

Planet Made of Plastic

In our 10-week class, scholars will travel the world through photography, use their imaginations to expand their writing, and work directly with a writing tutor who will guide them through the process of fine-tuning their ideas on paper.


  • 10 week writing class

  • Upper elementary/primary students

  • 10 Video mini-lessons by a published author-educator

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • Student-friendly, growth-oriented feedback by published author-educator

  • Online community with fellow GlobalEx scholars

  • End-of-Course Writing Showcase and Certificate of Completion


FREE 12-month membership to GlobalEx Journeys Kids Club when you enroll in both GlobalEx(pressive) Writing and GlobalEx(plore) China Club!


Enroll today!

GlobalEx(plore) China Club I

Aimee headshot.jpg

Teacher Aimee

Dr. Jenaya Perdue

In this 12-week class, students will have a weekly Chinese culture and beginner language class with the dynamic co-teaching duo Dr. Jenaya Perdue and Aimee Z.


  • 12 week Chinese Culture and Language class

  • Upper elementary/primary students

  • 12 Video mini-lessons by a published author-educator

  • 12 Video mini-lessons by Chinese speaker to learn Beginner Chinese

  • Weekly, inquiry-based homework assignments

  • Student-friendly, growth-oriented feedback by published author-educator

  • Online community with fellow GlobalEx scholars

  • End of Course Writing Showcase and Certificate of Completion

  • “Gerri Goes to China” and “China Passport Activity Book” E-Book Included

  • 2 Zoom Chat Live Sessions with Dr. Jenaya Perdue—GlobalEx Education founder and educator

  • End-of-Course Showcase and Certificate of Completion

  • Discount on future private or group Chinese lessons with Aimee

FREE 12-month membership to GlobalEx Journeys Kids Club when you enroll in both Global Ex(pressive) Writing and Global Ex(plore) China Club!


Enroll today!



Dr. Perdue ignited a passion for education...She is an eye to the world for students and families. Regardless of circumstances, she taught them to focus and grow. Not only with words...but how she lives.


Our family had the blessing of having her teach our older two children in the classroom and as a piano instructor. Their memories of her are an inspiration. To be individual, unique, and impact others.


Her travels have made the world a reality to our children..China isn't a place on a map. It is where Dr. Perdue is. She is an eye to the world for students and families. 

Because she can do anything, Dr. Jenaya Perdue has published a book. It helps kids learn about the joys of travel and the fun in experiencing new cultures. It's especially important because it has representation from groups that don't normally dominate the international education scene. Also fun that it is written in English, Spanish, and Chinese to help with the cultural discussions. Really just as all around well thought out, fun book. Highly recommend.

Dr. Rebecca Schwartz, Dean


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Travel virtually with Dr. Jenaya Perdue to South America starting September 2023!

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