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Phyllis Goes to Ghana

Phyllis Goes to Ghana

Phyllis, full of adventure and curiosity, meets her Ghanaian friend Selorm Kwame in his town Peki-Dzake. Journey with these two and explore the traditions, food, culture, and

everyday life in Ghana. Written in English, Spanish, and Ewe (local dialect in Ghana), readers will be dazzled by the Ghanaian fabric designs nuzzled into the pages and develop a love for this incredible country in West Africa.


Global Ex Education aims to bring the world to every kid's classroom and home. Founder, Dr. Jenaya .L Perdue, equitably hires and collaborates with locals in their home countries to create high quality, multilingual learning materials that introduce the world to kids and their caring adults. Join the movement and support this incredible work.

Instagram: @globalexeducation

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