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Fundraising with Global Ex Education

Raise money for your organization

Support friends and artists around the world

Promote literacy

Change your community

What would it be like if...

  • Your community eagerly looked forward to supporting your fundraiser because they know they will be making a global impact and not expanding their waistline?

  • You could make money while also getting multilingual books into the hands of young scholars

  • You could build bridges between friends and families around the world while meeting your organization's fundraising goals?

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Raise money

Earn $3 profit with every book sale!

  • 25% to your organization,

  •  25% global artists, translators, and educators 

  • 50% production costs 

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Promote Literacy

Global Ex Books are

  • Multilingual and written in English, Spanish, and Chinese. 

  • illustrated in Full-color with an engaging story.

  • The catalyst to learning about one's self, the world, and your own culture.

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Change the World


  • Reduces the school-to-prison pipeline. 

  • Enhances confidence and self-image

  • Increases current and future earning potential thus providing lifelong financial security

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Bring together your community around a literacy and educational development goal while also selling books to classrooms, schools, community centers, libraries, non-profit organizations, and homes.

—Make a global, ethical impact using our easy 5-step process for fundraising.

—Provide exciting and long-lasting learning materials and books while also supporting artisans, culture experts, writers, and educators around the world.

—Offer exciting multi-lingual books and workbooks that teach scholars about the world for years to come and encourage your organization members and buyers to read, travel, explore, and be(come) caring, global citizens.


Fundraising with Global Ex Education means that you know exactly where your buyers’ money is going and can share with full confidence and transparency as you sell books! Cookies and popcorn are great and delicious, but books transform lives, trajectories, and the planet!

I want to fundraise, sell books, and change the world! What do I do now?

Contact us today!

Let us know more about your organization, your goals, and your community.

Begin our 5-step process today!

1) Send out our fundraising letter

2) Organize and hype up your team

3) Sell books to friends, family, neighbors, strangers, and…everybody!

4) Distribute books to your buyers

5) Collect your money from Global Ex and celebrate your wins! 

Raise money. Promote literacy. Change the world.
Sell these Global Ex Books in your next fundraiser!

For more information, contact us! We are waiting to hear from you. We always want to work with people who are eager change the world, promote literacy, and raise lots of money for their goals!

Thanks for submitting!

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