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I am so glad you found Global Ex Education and want to collaborate with us to bring the vibrant learning experiences to your students, classroom, and school! Our mission is to bring the world to every kid's classroom and home. Let's work together to grow brilliant, empathic, and critically thinking global scholars.

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Global Learning Launch Packages

If you are a school administrator, teacher, school resource liaison, librarian, and/or someone dedicated to fostering the learning of our youngest generation, check out our learning packages below. All are customizable to your student needs, interests, anchor standards, class/school size, and budget. Contact us today to chat about collaborating with Global Ex Education!



  • 2 paperback books of your choice

  • Free learning launch guide

  • Zoom Chat with Author Dr. Jenaya Perdue

  • Travel Writing Prompt PPT

Old Globe


  • 1 classroom set of books

  • 10 interactive online Chinese lessons

  • Zoom chat with Chinese Teacher Aimee Zhu

  • All in Silver package

Flags in a row


~2 classroom sets of books

~10 Chinese cultural lessons

~Chinese gift for every student

~All in Silver/Gold packages

Travel through the streets of China to see what daily life is like. Each picture is coupled with a writing prompt that stretches critical thinking skills and creativity.

Learn over 150 Chinese words, enhance research sills, and keep all new knowledge about China in one place. Prepares and equips students to give presentations about Chinese culture and life.

Written in English, Spanish, and Chinese, Gerri travels to China to meet her friend Xiaotong. Learn about everyday life, food, culture, hobbies, language, family, and traditions!


Let's connect and grow together!

Instagram: @globalexeducation

Skype: @jenayaperdue

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