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How It All Began

Dr. J eating hotpot at Haidilao in Shenzhen, China
Image by Ishaq Robin

Global Ex Education is the vision of me--Dr. Jenaya Perdue. I'm a global educator whose life mission is to show that the world belongs to all of us. As a Black American author, expat, and ethical globe trotter, I know that we all must see people who look like us in literature and abroad.  

This Black-owned, woman-owned start-up business is the beginning of a global movement to bring the world to every kid's home and classroom. I do this through books, technology, and excellent customer service. My most favorite part of this project is that I prioritize connecting with people all over the world to make my vision happen. To date, I have equitably hired people in 8 countries. This means that with your purchase and support, you are helping individuals all over the world feed their families, showcase their home, hone their craft, and make a happier future for those they love.

The Melanated Stamps Book Series' first book is Gerri Goes to China. Written in English, Spanish, and Chinese, readers learn about what daily life is like for a Chinese family. The China bundle includes this book, the China Passport Activity Book and I Can See...China: Travel Photography and Writing Prompts. Coming in 2023 are bundles for Greece, South Korea, and Ghana! People often ask me how many books I plan to write. My simple answer is, "Well, there are 198ish countries. I'll write until I get tired!"

The iOS and Android app is soon to come and will be a dynamic place for students to track their global learning and expand their literacy development with an international flair! 

I invite you, your family, your class, your neighborhood, your school, and your loved ones to explore, learn, globe-trot, and grow using tools and resources I provide here at Global Ex Ed!

Follow @globalexeducation on Instagram and send pictures, videos, and ideas of how you've used GlobalEx materials with your scholars!

Come learn and grow with us.

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