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Global Ex Academy

Global Ex Academy is a private, multilingual learning hub and microschool for families who seek an innovative, rigorous, and truly global academic environment for their children.  We cultivate the young people who choose Global Ex as their place to grow and shine into globally adept, inquisitive scholars. We provide full-time academy for grades 2-7, part-time for K-12, and homeschool co-op/support.


Our academy has a multilingual teaching staff who will provide instruction and support in both English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese every day. Scholars will be surrounded by and immersed in culture and language daily. Through immersion, your child will become a confident speaker, thinker, and communicator in their native and second (and third!) languages! To be a globally adept change maker in this increasingly interconnected world in which we live, fluency in foreign languages is an absolute must and a cornerstone of our education program.

Image by July Brenda Gonzales Callapaza
Image by Sigmund
Image by Sigmund

Rigorous, Montessori-Inspired

Our community is inspired by the ideas found in Montessori and Waldorf schools. Our rigorous curriculum is coupled with self-directed inquiry. Our teachers constantly assess the growth and content mastery of our scholars. Our scholars develop and work toward their own academic goals using time-tested, dynamic, student-centered rubrics and learning guides. 

Global Citizenship

In our learning hub, we prioritize these ideas within global citizenship

—Knowing our place, influence, and impact in the global landscape

—Expressing kindness to, empathy for, and curiosity about our world

—Making connections, friends, paths, and bridges to places and people near and far

Image by Kyle Glenn
Image by CDC

Small Class Size

Our student-to-teacher ratio is 10:1 and we have set our full-time academy maximum at 22 scholars. This allows for maximum teacher interaction and bar-none student growth in a vibrant learning space. With 22 students, 2 full-time teachers and two part-time support staff, you and, most important, your child know that their growth into the greatest version of themselves is our highest priority and aim.

Delivering Package

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