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I Can See...China. Writing Inspiration and Travel Photography

I Can See...China. Writing Inspiration and Travel Photography


In this FREE PDF, I will take you the streets of China. My goal is to show you what everyday life looks like and what you would probably see if you bought a plane ticket to the destination written in the title of this book.


As we teach writing, it can often be challenging to come up with prompts and ideas to get kids—and even ourselves if we’re honest—to write. We know it’s important, but transforming this seemingly arduous task into a life-changing one can be rough! That’s why I’ve created this series. I’ve combined my two loves—words and plane tickets—together.


PDF Includes:

  • 3 photographs for students to use as a catalyst to their creative writing/thinking
  • 3 writing prompts to stretch the imagination
  • Blank space to brainstorm, collaborate, and make a writing plan
  • Writing space for each prompt
  • Print-and-go. Ready for the classroom!


Global Ex Education, LLC

  • Brings the world to every kid’s classroom and home
  • Shows kids through reading, independent study, and research that they can explore the world
  • Creates engaging multilingual material for kids to learn about incredible countries near and far from their homes
  • Equitably hires and collaborates with locals in their home countries to create high quality learning materials
  • Equips teachers and caring adults with tools and materials to foster global citizenship in our youngest generation.
  • Black-owned, woman-owned, collaborative organization that’s equitably hired culture consultants, translators, writers, designers, and illustrators in 8 countries and counting.
  • Founded by Dr. Jenaya L. Perdue, Ed.D.
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