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Parallel Lines


I'm overjoyed that you're here! Welcome to

Global Ex Education! My name is

Dr. Jenaya Perdue. I'm a writer, thinker, global

explorer, and bridge builder.

Connecting people, showcasing the world, and

exemplifying radical empathy is what I do. 

Would you like me to visit and chat with your school, classroom, or organization? I'd love to! In-person and virtual conversations with humans of all ages and group size can be accommodated. I prioritize equitable engagement fees, bartering, and creative collaborations. 

Check out my list of conversation topics! If you have another idea that's not explicitly mentioned here, message me. 

Author Visit  Chat with Dr. Jenaya Perdue about her books, her adventures abroad to 31 (and counting!) countries, and her education journey from kindergarten to a doctorate degree at 26. Customizable to audience interests and includes a Q/A session. Appropriate for all ages and audiences. In-person and virtual conversations are both possible!


  • Melanated Stamps Book Series This conversation is appropriate for ages 4-104 and covers my books and global learning curriculum, writing journey, the "why" behind my work, and my journey to becoming a global explorer and bridge builder. For in-person book visits with K-9 classrooms, we will play games, learn some basic Chinese, and talk about what everyday life in China was like for me.

  • Fostering Global Citizenship in K-16 Classrooms Professional development for educators, school leaders, parents, and caregivers who want to build globally adept, curious, and brilliant scholars at home, in their communities, and in their classrooms.

  • Global Literacy for K-16 Classrooms How to enhance literacy development and global citizenship at the same time through books, strategic global learning experiences (without leaving home), and inquiry-based instruction.

  • Thriving as an Expat in Shenzhen, China My story of leaving my home in USA with two suitcases and a backpack, redefining and healing myself abroad, becoming an "Expatpreneur" and owner of an English school, embracing the dumpster fires, and all my life lessons learned.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Global Citizenship How to identify and dismantle barriers of under-resourced, silenced people groups around the world and in our own backyards. How to embody radical empathy, advocacy, and kindness through listening, embodying, and extending the table so that we all thrive, eat, and become "holistically" well.

  • Filling Your Passport Book on a Budget  How to travel light, explore a new place, avoid pricy tourist traps, and go global without emptying your whole wallet.

  • Purposeful and Expressive Writing  How to get your thoughts down on paper and out of your head. Catapult yourself out of a writer's rut!

  • Personal Development and Goal-Setting  How to get from Point Blah to Point Accomplished. Recognize your own skill set and gifts, get inspired to reach your personal best, take radical risks and the BIG jumps, craft a doable plan, and celebrate your big and small wins.

Have another idea or concept? Let's chat!

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