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Ghana Passport Activity Book: Draw, Trace, Print-Cut-Paste

Ghana Passport Activity Book: Draw, Trace, Print-Cut-Paste

Ghana Passport Activity Book…

  • Teaches over 70 Ewe words
  • Suitable for ages 7 and up
  • Covers numbers, geography, famous people, food, nature, history, musical instruments, clothing, currency exchange, writing prompts, fables and stories, colors, and so much more!
  • Keeps all learning material and new knowledge about Ghana in one place
  • Provides learning for multiple intelligences—kinesthetic, auditory, visual, linguistic, and spatial
  • Connects literacy, mathematics, social studies, and critical thinking
  • Jump off place into deeper inquiry on Ghana and Ghanaian culture
  • Prepares students to give presentations about Ghana and Ghanaian culture to family, friends, classmates, and community members
  • Perfect for home schools, micro schools, community centers, elementary/primary classrooms, road trips, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, community organizations, and independent study.


Teachers will love this activity book because it is suitable for…

  • Common Core Standards based classrooms
  • Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori, Project Based Learning (PBL), and Waldorf classrooms and schools.
  • Inquiry-based study for whole class, small group, gifted/talented (GT).
  • Supplemental and extension support to elementary literacy, math, social sciences, and science lessons to add global flair
  • Foundation for school-wide projects and events such as “Travel ‘Round the World,” “Meet My Friend From _____,” and “Let’s Go to Ghana.”
  • Enhancing global citizenship by coupling this book with materials from Oxfam Education, UNESCO’s Global Citizenship Education,, Global Citizen Year, WorldWise Global Schools, Asia Society’s Center for Global Education’s Domains of Global Competence
  • Learning over 70 Ewe words


Parents and caretakers will love this activity book because it’s perfect for…

  • Children to work with parents or independently to learn about Ghana and Ghanaian culture
  • Fostering high engagement for children during summer, weekend, holiday, or after-school learning time
  • Preparing for school projects on international cultures, people, nature, and language
  • Piques interest in traveling and exploring the world and new places


Children will love this one-of-a-kind independent learning guide that will…

  • Foster research skills
  • Grow student curiosity about traveling, exploring, and learning about the world
  • Show the diversity and depth of Chinese culture, language, and nature
  • Prepare them to teach and showcase their knowledge of Ghana in front of their families, classrooms, and community
  • Enhance their confidence in learning across multiple disciplines and content areas
  • Spark interest in Ghana and Ewe language—one of Ghana's 50+ dialects.


Global Ex Education, LLC

  • Brings the world to every kid’s classroom and home
  • Shows kids through reading, independent study, and research that they can explore the world
  • Creates engaging multilingual material for kids to learn about incredible countries near and far from their homes
  • Equitably hires and collaborates with locals in their home countries to create high quality learning materials
  • Equips teachers and caring adults with tools and materials to foster global citizenship in our youngest generation.

Black-owned, woman-owned, collaborative organization that’s equitably hired culture consultants, translators, writers, designers, and illustrators in 8 countries and counting.

Founded by Dr. Jenaya L. Perdue, Ed.D

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